NetApp Health and Quota Check (v1.9)

Added missing definitions for $context, $domin and $snmpversion – thanks to Andrea Bolognaro for pointing this out.

Please note: as you can see this check is still quite crude compared to some of my other checks (check_hp, check_dell, …) and caused by the fact that I can’t reliably test it as I have no NetApp. If anyone wants to go through variable names, definitions and some other cleanup, you’d be more than welcome.

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DOWNLOAD: check plugin for NetApp SAN (10683 downloads )

Updates to all Nagios/Icinga check plugins

This is a collection of updates to all SNMP-based plugins:

  • SNMPv3 authentication by username/password pairs fixed
  • indentation of all perl files fixed using ‘perltidy -ce -i=2 -pt=2 -l=0’
  • SVN tags $Revision$ and $Rev$ replaced by $Id$
  • $Id$ now handled by .git/info/attributes after moving from SVN to GIT

List of plugins and versions order:

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Compaq-HP Proliant Server and Blade Checks (v3.2 beta)

Sorry everyone for taking so long for an update… and then this! I have really no chance to test these anymore, so please be aware that this version is NOT tested. Please send me and email if you still find it useful and it works (if not please send me a patch to fix things, thank you!)

Ah yes… credits are to be found in the ChangeLog!

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DOWNLOAD:  check plugins for Compaq/HP (10623 downloads )

PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v6.0)

What has changed:

  • all code and examples updated to be usable with PHP 7
  • support for IT-NIC’s upcoming DNSSEC implementation
  • some code cleaned up and examples divided into more generic CLI tools and “examples”

IMPORTANT NOTE: as part of the code cleanup Smarty 2 and ADOdb have been removed. This now implies usage of a PHP release greater or equal 5.3!

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DOWNLOAD:  EPP library IT-NIC (PHP) (8356 downloads )