RSS Feed Generator 1.0 (RSS1, RSS2, ATOM)

This is a very simple RSS Feed Generator for PHP.

ORIGINAL GPLed VERSION of “Universal Feed Writer” by Anis uddin Ahmad found

The changes applied include, but are not restricted to:

  1. easier to read identation and documentation, a little code cleanup
  2. both classes FeedWriter and FeedItem in one file
  3. header updated to be application/xml, charset utf-8
  4. single elements with no content can now be added like ‘
  5. namespaces can now be added manually
  6. channel elements can now have attributes
  7. all relevant methods now return $this (concatenation)

The included RSS2 example application is running directly on this URL – have fun and let me know about bugs!

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PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v4.3)

I am very sorry for the long delay in updating this, but I was busy with some other projects and completely missed to update the whole thing on the webpage…. so if anyone would ever feel inclined to donate something for the work, feel free to do so – I won’t forget the project and you’ll keep getting updates 🙂

Let me summarize the updates you missed in between v4.1, v4.2 and v4.3 in a single post today. Most important is the introduction of german SZ handling in v4.2, which will change to IDNAbis (IDN’s to be introduced later this year by the italian domain name registry).

Version 4.3

Now checking PHP Version in order not to break php version older than 5.2.3
when using htmlspecialchars (4th parameter was only added in v5.2.3).

Added support for delayedDebitAndRefundMsgData polling type data. Thanks
Angelo for the input!

Version 4.2

Moved the AbstractObject object up into Net_EPP space.

The session file location can now be specified manually.

Added an account.poll.ack.php example for WSDL and changed the Poll method
to use ACK as default parameter. PollAll now works only with ACK.

Switched to IDNAbis-like handling of german SZ in idna_convert, as IT-NIC will
now support this.

Version 4.1

Updated the WSDL interface to version 1.2 (added a DomainChangeRegistrant
method and removed the registrant parameter from the DomainUpdate method).

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PHP EPP webinterface IT-NIC (v2.0)

The password change function now also updates the local DB password. Remember to log out and log in again 😉

Smarty support for multiple versions (2 + 3) added.

The contactID is now printed on the homepage (client list) and the viewDomain page (change registrant list).

A typo, displaying the wrong text when trying to delete a contact, was fixed.

Instead of “unknown” in the credit statement, now a error message is displayed on the homepage whenever the software is unable to access the EPP server.

Together with the changes to the underlying library the system now offers support for multi-homed servers (multiple IP addresses).

Automatic domain updates/refreshes will now only try to update domains with an exDate > 11 months. You may therefor now want to run eppsync on a daily basis to get finer granularity when updating domains.

The webpage now displays the version number.

Please note: the webinterface is not free and restricted by a license check. See bolow for the free library used by the WI.

PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v4.0)

Some smaller fixes and updates (DB layout for webinterface, which now supports automatization of TECH-C + DNS updates).

Added an example that shows how to do extend the DB driver for searching serialized DB fields.

Support for multiple smarty versions added. The library now comes with a version 2 and a verion 3 release. Depending on your PHP_VERSION_ID the correct one to be used is selected.

The set method for contacts now makes use of htmlspecialchars() in order to convert ampersands and other stuff.

Big switch from the PEAR class HTTP_Client to CURL. This is the main reason for the change in major number. The current version now allows you to choose the leaving IP/interface, which should be useful for multi-homed servers and hosting solutions.

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