Compaq-HP Proliant Server and Blade Checks (v2.11)

Some more testing done by Martin Boer together with some nice feedback on how to shorten down and beautify the code:

  • replaced a lot of silly ‘elsif’ statements with a single (but safe) ‘eval’
  • introduced a ‘-w’ parameter to set some failures to WARNING states instead of CRITICAL since “you don’t consider a bad disk in a RAID configuration necessarily something you want to find out in the middle of the night”

Since I published this without much testing, that would now be up to you guys 😉

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DOWNLOAD: check plugins for Compaq/HP (2156 downloads)


XMLFormatter2 is a XML beautifying tool deriving from XML_Formatter originally developed by Žilvinas Šaltys. If you are in need of handling big files you should still resort to that solution, since it reads chunks of data at a time using file streams. Maybe at some point I will integrate that too…. (or maybe I should just simply do it right now).

So what is it about:

  • it is a very small PHP class
  • taking an XML input string
  • fixing XML indentation (indenting being the reason I first looked for the original tool)
  • and finally giving you an nicely formatted XML output string as a result

If you are looking for an easy way to indent XML strings in PHP this is for you. The most common usage example would be a requirement to fix the reading style of some “compressed” XML string you got from a third-party application.

Here a quick usage example:


$data = '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>....';

try {
  $formatter = new XMLFormatter2();
  echo $formatter->format($data);
} catch (Exception $e) {
  echo $e->getMessage(), "\n";
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DOWNLOAD:  XMLFormatter2 (1324 downloads)

RSS Feed Generator 1.0 (RSS1, RSS2, ATOM)

This is a very simple RSS Feed Generator for PHP.

ORIGINAL GPLed VERSION of “Universal Feed Writer” by Anis uddin Ahmad found

The changes applied include, but are not restricted to:

  1. easier to read identation and documentation, a little code cleanup
  2. both classes FeedWriter and FeedItem in one file
  3. header updated to be application/xml, charset utf-8
  4. single elements with no content can now be added like ‘
  5. namespaces can now be added manually
  6. channel elements can now have attributes
  7. all relevant methods now return $this (concatenation)

The included RSS2 example application is running directly on this URL – have fun and let me know about bugs!

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DOWNLOAD: RSS Feed Generator for PHP (1968 downloads)