Host-Resource-MIB queries: cpu, processes, storage (v3.0)

Query the Host Resource MIB of various operating systems for cpu usage, processes and storage/volumes. These scripts have been tested against Linux and Windows XP, but should do the job for any other OS as well.

These versions are complete rewrites in Perl and only use OID-Trees, so you don’t need to add the Host-Resource-MIB to your local configuration.

Version 3.0 includes the new check_hr_cpuload script which allows you to monitor the CPU usage over longer time periods, which in general should be more interesting than a single-point-in-time check:

  • data history is stored in small files on a per-host basis (defaults to /tmp)
  • the amount of data-points is configurable (defaults to 10)

Basically this is an extension of the check_hr_cpu script and therefor works the same for multiple CPUs. If there should be any interest in having an addition switch on both scripts to identify the cpuID let me know. I personally guess there is no big need in having such a restriction.

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DOWNLOAD: check plugins for Host-Ressource-MIB (4084 downloads )