NetApp Health and Quota Check (v1.0)

This script is made in the same all-in-one fashion as my other perl plugins and only uses numeric OIDs (no need for the netapp MIBs) and “should” therefor be quite fast.

A single run like “./check_netapp -H HOSTNAME -C COMMUNITY” will check the following:

  • fsOverallStatus
  • all raidPStatus entries
  • enclPowerSuppliesStatus
  • enclFansStatus
  • enclElectronicsStatus
  • enclTempSensorsOverTempStatus (warnings and failures)

also the following will be checked

  • quota hard limits (qrV2QuotaUnlimited)
  • quota soft limits (qrV2SoftQuotaUnlimited)
  • quota thresholds (qrV2ThresholdUnlimited)

Please give me some feedback at if you find this useful – my possibilities at testing are limited to the use of my SNMP simulator (see below).

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