PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v2.9)

Two more bugs found by Luca have been corrected.

1) Using an “in_array” comparision containing a boolean TRUE will cause this to match ANY string passed to it, since “in_array” does not do type-safe comparisons. This error relates to the values for “consentforpublishing” and has caused every contact (where it was manually assigned a string value) to be created with it set to ‘TRUE’ instead of whatever was your intention!

2) The storage driver will not save the “consentforpublishing” information correctly. The SQL-type for it was defined to be MySQL’s tinyint by the schema provided in all versions. Since all doStore() calls will encapsulate every variable in between two single apostrophes (ie. ‘value’), this has caused every contact to be saved with “consentforpublishing” set to ‘0’.

ATTENTION! Everyone using the storage driver provided with an implementation up to 2.9 will therefor have lost information about the “consentforpublishing” value. Everyone is strongly advised to UPGRADE and check backups and set things straight with!

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