iPhone / iPad VPNs to Ubuntu Server 8.04/10.04 (v1.0)

Initialization of change-relevant information in domain objects after calls to loadDB added. Some more cleanups to various methods as suggested by Luca.

Thanks again!

This covers L2TP over IPsec (as supported by iPhone/iPad) and securing L2TP with iptables.

The story began a few days ago as I stumbled across the idea of having VPN connections from my iPhone/iPad to my servers. Even though there is loads of information about it on the net, there is nothing that really covers it thoroughly the way I needed it. To tell the truth: there is nearly nil information available on how to configure iptables on a 2.6 kernel to shield L2TP… well here is a try to help some of you guys.

Beware – these are examples are meant to allow you to create a 1:1 VPN to a single host/server. In order to build a VPN tunnel (1:n through a firewall) you will have to modify this a bit. If anyone is interested, let me know!

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DOWNLOAD: iPhone / iPad VPN and firewall example configuration (4803 downloads )