PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v3.0 release candidate 1)

Bug fixes as usual, but now a few things more are completed and tested (at least as far as I can tell). Among the fixes: Domain and Contact object values are now re-initialized before every fetch from either DB or EPP servers.

The main news: messages from the polling queue are now parsed and stored in human-readable format in their own table (3 new examples are included). As far as possible they are aggregated by a LEFT JOIN to the domain names. If those are stored in the DB as well, you will get nicely readable notices on a per-domain base, which for example may be interesting and useful in order to handle domain transfers.

Out of security considerations the WSDL interface has been moved into its own subfolder called ‘private/’. The apache configuration example, documentation and script have all been updated to fit that purpose.

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