PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v3.0 release candidate 2)

Include path in all examples is now based on the __FILE__ constant. You may therefor launch a file from whatever path you are in. In order for that, the internal behaviour of the Client class (which locates and reads the config.xml file) has been altered as well. This now extends nicely to the new WSDL class and we don’t need an ugly, separate config file for it anymore.

Smarty default values should be kept empty from now on. The smarty compile folder still needs write permissions (ie. www-data on Debian/Ubuntu if you are trying to use the WSDL interface). If this is not granted the Client class will try to failback to ‘/tmp’, emit warnings in case of success and die with an error message in case of a failure.

Any transferStatus query now fills the reID/acID fields (if set) and new Smarty and adoDB libraries have been added.

With some luck this is going to be the last RC version before 3.0 (expect it next week). On my side most things work pretty well now 🙂

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