PHP EPP library IT-NIC (v3.2)

Support for IDN domain names added. It runs nicely on the testing system and should become available to the general public at some point in 2011 when the Italian Registry goes into production with IDN domain names. At this point I fixed the sendRequest method in the client class which (wrongly) always used utf8_encode() on the data to be sent. This issue led to double-encoding in cases where your data was already in UTF-8 format. For those of you feeding data in ISO-8859-1 format I added the forceUTF8 configuration parameter. I have added an example for IDN registration (032) and fixed example number 011 from which it derives. The german ‘sz’ (alias ‘ß’) will be encoded as ‘ss’, since DNS checks on the testing system require it to be handled this way.

Also added in this version:

  • domain status clientLock (can only be viewed and will be assigned when setting clientHold)
  • parsing of credit information in creditMsgData messages (no longer handled as ‘unknown’)
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