SNMP Agent simulator (Net-SNMP/PHP)

This little (quick and dirty) application allows you simulate any kind of SNMP agent, just by having an export of its numeric OID tree.

For instance this is usefull for offline-development of new check-plugins. You don’t need physical access to the SNMP server running the agents. All you need is a numeric SNMP-dump of the actual tree you are interested in, which may be obtained in a single on-site run. An example of the LanManager (77) tree beyond enterprises ( could look like:

  • snmpwalk -O n -C c -c public -v 2c myhostname | sort >lanmgr.dump

While some agents don’t supply OIDs in increasing order, we can work around that using “-C c” and “sort” in this example.

As soon as you are done with this just copy the output (here “lanmgr.dump”) and integrate it into your own SNMP daemon. In order to add the LanManager tree to your local Net-SNMP daemon you would add the following line to /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf:

  • pass_persist . /usr/local/sbin/mySNMPagent.php /tmp/lanmgr.dump

ATTENTION: this is a tool in very early stage of development. While it may be useful for a lot of cases, there was no heavy testing so far. Multiline hex-output is not yet supported. Other stuff may be missing.

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